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priestsuicide's Journal

17 May
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androgyny, angst, ani difranco, animals, anime, anne lennox, aphex twin, art, assimulation, autumn, ayn rand, bad hair, billy corgan, bio-mechanics, black and white, body modification, boots, brian molko, brown-eyed boys, bubble wrap, cameras, candles, cartoons, catch-22, christopher shy, cigarettes, clothing, coffee, collide, combats, cowboy bebop, crucifixes, cthulhu, david byrne, death by chocolate, delerium, depression, deviants, dog fashion disco, doublespeak, drawing on your skin, dreams, edgar allan poe, electronica, fat skirts, feeling clean, foetus, furries, getting hurt, god, golden retrievers, golgotha, h. p. lovecraft, hair dye, hedwig-and-the-angry-inch, hello-cthulhu, hemophilia, hot tea, house of leaves, industrial, ink, inner struggles, insomnia, iron chef, japanese, joeseph heller, kcai, kindney theives, m*a*s*h, manniquin porn, marlboro lights, mike patton, mindless self indulgence, mother mary, mr. bungle, music, my ruin, my son, nancy boys, nature, neil gaiman, newrock boots, newspapers, newspeak, nicotine, nietzsche, nightmares, nin, paleface, pens, philosophy, photography, pie, piercings, pills, placebo, poe, poetry, pregnancy, psychology, psychosis, rats, religion, rice, robert smith, rocky horror picture show, romantic suicide, salvador dali, scar zone, sexuality, sleep, smashing pumpkins, sociology, star trek, sushi, switchblade symphony, sylvia plaith, synths, tang, tarot, tattoos, tea, techno, tentacles and tubing, the borg, the cure, the fetal christ, the void, theology, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tim burton, tool, tori amos, tracy bonham, trees, trent reznor, uglies, unwashed hair, veins, violent femmes, violins, werewolf: the apocolypse, white wolf universe, yossarian, you